The Public Ticket Ballot for the Cathay Pacific / HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2016 has taken place and winners and non-winners have been notified.

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  1. Only one (1) application may be made by each Hong Kong Resident
  2. Applicants must hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card
  3. Each Hong Kong Resident may apply for up to two (2) tickets for each day to the Hong Kong Sevens 2016
  4. There will be a separate ballot for each day
  5. Applicants must pay for tickets during the allocated payment period
  6. The applicant or their Authorised Person must collect their tickets in person from the Hong Kong Stadium on the allocated day
  7. There is a HK$50 admin fee per ticket and you will only be charged if you win
  8. To meet International Balloting Standards, you will not be allowed to change your details after registration, thus please check that all your information is correct and the same as on your HKID prior to submission.
  9. For each day of the event, you may register for 1 of 2 different permutations of tickets;
    1. 2 Adults
    2. 1 Adult


27 November 2015 – Registrations open

31 January 2016 - Registrations close

5 February 2016 - Ballot commences

5 February 2016 - Winners and non-winners notified

19 February 2016, 5pm – Deadline for winners to pay for ticket(s)

19-21 March 2016 (10:00-17:00) Ticket collection from Hong Kong Stadium

Terms and conditions

  1. The Promoter is the Hong Kong Rugby Union of Room 2001, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
  2. This ballot is open to residents of Hong Kong aged 18 years or over (on the day they enter the ballot), except employees and Board members of the Hong Kong Rugby Union, their immediate families (defined as parents, spouses, siblings and children), agents or anyone else professionally associated with the ballot.
  3. Details of how to participate in the ballot form part of the terms and conditions (the Rules). It is a condition of participation in the Ballot that all Rules are accepted as final and that the entrant agrees to abide by these Rules. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. Applications for participation in the ballot must be submitted via and each individual may only apply once. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt applications or applications sent through agencies and third parties will not be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted for lost applications and proof of dispatch will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
  5. All applications must be received by 23:59 on Sunday, 31 January 2016 (the Close).
  6. The successful applicants will be drawn at random using a computer software, from all applications received by the Close.
  7. The successful applicants will be contacted within 24 hours of the draw. Should the Promoter be unable to contact the successful applicants or should any successful applicant not take up their entitlement, the Promoter reserves the right to re-allocate the entitlement at its discretion. The entitlement as described is available on the date of publication.
  8. A different draw will be held for each day of the event. Winning in one draw will not affect applicants’ chances in the following draw(s).
  9. Applicants may win tickets for one (1), two (2), three (3) or none (0) of their chosen days.
  10. Applicants can apply for 1 adult ticket or 2 adult tickets. Different permutations can be chosen for each day of the event.
  11. Successful applicants only have the right to purchase tickets to the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2016 on the day(s) that they have won.
  12. After registering, applicants may not make any changes whatsoever to their registration.
  13. Successful applicants will be those applicants whose names are drawn from the ballot in accordance with these terms and conditions. A total of 3,000 tickets for each day will be allocated to successful applicants (or 3,001 tickets should 2,999 tickets have already been allocated and the next applicant drawn requested two tickets).
  14. All entitlements to purchase tickets to attend the Cathay Pacific / HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2016 are subject to availability of such tickets, and are non-transferable. No cash alternatives will be provided.
  15. Ticket(s) will only be available for collection at the Box Office at the Hong Kong Stadium, 55 Eastern Hospital Road, So Kon Po
  16. Successful applicants can collect their tickets in person OR your attorney to redeem on your behalf (with a proper authorisation letter, printed receipt and copy of your HK Identity Card)
  17. If any of the information on registration does not match the applicant’s HKID, the applicant may not be allowed to collect their ticket(s).
  18. Successful applicants may be required to participate in publicity as a condition of the exercise of their entitlement.
  19. Events may occur that render the ballot itself or the grant of entitlements impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the Promoter and accordingly the Promoter may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the applicant agrees that no liability shall attach to the Promoter as a result thereof.
  20. This ticket is not refundable or exchangeable and may not be re-sold. It shall not be purchased or obtained from any person, commercial agent or company other than from the Hong Kong Rugby Union or its authorized agents.
  21. The holder will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the ticket. No replacement ticket will be issued for any damaged, stolen or lost ticket.
  22. A ticket may not be used as a prize or as part of any competition or promotional or other similar activity or part of any hospitality or travel or other commercial package which has not been approved by the HKRU in writing.
  23. HKRU reserve the right to disqualify any entrant at any time and without explanation, if it has reason to believe that the entrant has no intention of attending the event and is purely entering on behalf of a third party – whether to sell at face value or not.
  24. All traffic is secured by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 256-bit encryption keys.





  1. 每位香港居民只限登記一次。
  2. 參加者必須持有有效香港居民身份證
  3. 每位香港居民可申請「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2016」每個比賽日最多兩張門票。
  4. 「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2016」每個比賽日均有個別抽籤。
  5. 成功中籤者必須於指定時間內付款。
  6. 參加者或受託人必須於指定時間親臨香港大球場領取門票。
  7. 每張門票須額外繳交HK$50 行政費,只有成功中籤才須支付費用。
  8. 根據國際抽籤標準,登記成功後,參加者不能更改任何資料,所以請於遞交資料時確保所有資料正確,並與身份證資料相同。
  9. 國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2016」每個比賽日的門票有兩個不同組合供參加者選擇:
    1. 2張成人門票
    2. 1張成人門票


2015年11月27日 - 登記開始

2016年1月31日 - 登記結束

2016年2月5日 - 抽籤開始

2016年2月5日 - 中籤者及未能中籤者收取通知

2016年2月19日,下午5時 - 公開門票付款限期



  1. 大會為香港欖球總會,地址:香港銅鑼灣掃桿埔大球場徑一號奧運大樓二樓2001室。
  2. 年滿18歲或以上(以登記當日起計)的香港居民即可參加公開門票抽籤。香港欖球總會職員、董事局成員及其家人(即父母、配偶、兄弟姐妹及子女)、代理或其他與是次公開門票抽籤相關的人士除外。
  3. 公開門票抽籤的規則乃條款與細則的一部分,所有參加者都必須同意遵守所有條款。
  4. 參與公開門票抽籤的所有登記程序都必須透過 進行,每人只限登記一次。任何遲交、模糊、不完整、受損壞、不標準、經代理或第三者的登記均不獲接納。任何引致登記失敗的理由都不獲接納,任何發送申請證明都不會被視為收據。
  5. 所有登記必須於2016年1月31日(星期六)23:59或之前完成。
  6. 成功中籤者會於截止時間後被隨機抽出。
  7. 成功中籤者將於抽籤後24小時內獲得通知,若果大會未能聯絡成功中籤者或成功中籤者未有主動獲取該有權利,大會有權給予另一申請者該權利。所謂的權利可於發佈當日查閱。
  8. 每個比賽日的門票均有個別抽籤,參加者在某組別被抽中並不影響於另一組別中選的機會。
  9. 參加者可能會被抽中購買指定日期的一日(1)、兩日(2)、三日(3)或零日(0)門票。
  10. 參加者可選擇1張成人票或兩張成人票。參加者可就各比賽日採用不同的門票組合。
  11. 成功中籤者只可購買指定日子的「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2016」門票。
  12. 參加者登記後不可更改登記資料。
  13. 大會會根據條例及細則抽出參加者,每個比賽日將有共3000張門票出售給成功中籤者(若第2,999張門票已被分配,而最後中籤者要求2張門票,將會有第3,001張門票)
  14. 購買「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2016」門票的權利會因應門票供應情況而定,並且不能轉讓。門票不可兌換成現金。
  15. 門票只限於香港大球場票務處領取,地址:香港銅鑼灣掃桿埔東院道55號香港大球場
  16. 成功中籤者可親身或委託其他人領取門票(必須連同適當的委託書、收據及中籤者的香港身份證副本)
  17. 如參加者的身份證資料不附合登記時所提供的資料,參加者可不被接納領取門票。
  18. 成功中籤者有機會被要求參加宣傳活動。
  19. 大會有機會因為一些無法控制的原因放棄是次抽籤或更改活動詳情,但參加者必須同意大會不會因此而負上任何法律責任。
  20. 所有門票均不接受退款、更換或轉售。除了香港欖球總會或被認可之代理,任何人都不應向別人或商業機構購入門票。
  21. 門票持有人有責任保管門票,任何門票損毀、遺失都不獲補發。
  22. 如未獲香港欖球總會書面確認,門票不可被用作任何抽獎、旅遊推廣、各類宣傳活動等用途。
  23. 如香港欖球總會發現參加者無意觀賞賽事,只為第三者參加抽籤,不論出售門票與否,香港欖球總會保留於任何時間取消任何參加者資格的權利,並不需要作出任何解釋。
  24. 所有資料傳送都由有256位加密密碼的Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 所保護。